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We've Placed Thousands
of Employees

Whether you're looking for people or a position, we can help!

Handle all your personnel needs in one place! Locally owned and operated right here in Genesee County, so we’re familiar with the area. The Personnel Office is a local staffing agency, serving Flint, Burton and surrounding cities.


Whether you’re a business looking to high top-notch employees, or are currently seeking a job, we have the perfect fit. Here at The Personnel Office, we work with businesses to help find the right person (or persons) for your open positions. We can handle all your staffing needs. Plus, here job seekers find current open positions that are right for them, whether it be full-time, part-time, temporary employment or contract work. The Personnel Office provides all employment-type services including screening, interviewing and handling insurance.


Looking for a new job or career? The Personnel Office will work with you to find the perfect position!

Local Business Partners

The Personnel Office Advantage

Here at The Personnel Office, we’re more than just a staffing agency. We are someone you can rely on when it comes to hiring.


  • Small & Personable Office

  • More than 30 Years of Experience

  • Have Passion for Helping our Community

  • Full-Service Temp Agency

  • Using the Latest Technology

  • Honest and Competitive Pricing

The Personnel Office provides staffing for a wide range of businesses and organizations. Industries we specialize in include:




Family Owned



The Personnel Office has been helping connect employers with employees for more than 30 years.

We started in a small office on Saginaw Street in Grand Blanc, before moving to our current location at G-4267 S. Dort Highway in Burton. Together Tina Pardonnet and Ann Drake have worked to build the company into what it is today.

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