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Fill Open Positions Fast with Help from The Personnel Office

Don’t spend all your time writing up a job description, posting the position, sifting through applications and setting up interviews. Leave the hiring to us! With more than 30 years of experience, we know a thing or two about hiring the right people. We can manage the entire hiring process, from your first call to us, all the way to your new employee’s first day on the job and beyond. Here at The Personnel Office, we pride ourselves in finding reliable and dependable employees.

The Personnel Office is also your go-to when it comes to terminating temp employees. We provide a discreet professional environment when needed.

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The Personnel Office

  1. Discuss the open position and find out about your ideal candidates and ultimate goals in hiring

  2. Provide a rate of service for your personalized hiring package

  3. Create a pool of potential candidates

  4. Screen and interview candidates, and if needed, perform background checks and drug testing

  5. Fill the position(s) with well-qualified employee

  6. Set up insurance and process payroll

Let The Personnel Office Find You the Perfect Candidate Today

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